Katie’s Krops Flagship Garden
Pinewood Preparatory School 1114 Orangeburg Rd, Summerville, SC 29483
ot for the students that work in this garden and the free dinners they serve. Currently Summerville has experienced a large population growth. Thus, housing prices have increased leaving families in need with less to spend on food. We schedule our Katie’s Krops Dinner at the end of the month when food stamps have run out. The number of families that we are supporting with this garden continues to grow. We are looking for way to improve production to keep up with the demand while educating the students and youth involved in the project. Katie’s Krops Overview Organization & Mission: Katie’s Krops is a non-profit organization focused on empowering youth to grow a healthy end to hunger in their community, one vegetable garden at a time. Our mission is to empower youth to start and maintain vegetable gardens of all sizes, donate the harvest to help feed people in need, and assist and inspire others to do the same. Katie's Krops provides the funding, support, and education to enable young growers to start, maintain, and ultimately harvest their vegetable gardens for donation to food banks, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, backpack programs, and cancer centers to help feed individuals and families in need in their communities. Our long term vision is to grow a healthy, sustainable solution to hunger by developing a large family of young growers across all 50 states. Katie’s Krops was founded in 2010 by Katie Stagliano, who in 2008 at the tender age of 9 grew a 40 pound cabbage in her backyard and donated it to a soup kitchen where it fed 275 people. Moved by the experience, she started Katie's Krops which currently has over 100 youth-run gardens in 32 states. With gardens from Maine to California, Katie's Krops vegetable gardens are producing thousands and thousands of pounds of healthy food for families in need. Our ultimate goal is to plant 500 gardens and reach all 50 states. Our young Katie’s Krops growers are making a major difference across the country through their involvement, inspiring change and bringing communities together to help those in need. Kids Fighting Hunger, One Garden at a Time! Programs Katie's Krops Gardens: Katie’s Krops provides funding and support to youth applicants age 9 to16 in the United States to start gardens in their own communities. The harvest from their garden is then donated to feed people in need in their community. The young grower is empowered to address the needs of their community by sharing nutrient rich fresh food with food banks, school pantry & backpack programs, homeless shelters, or wherever they see the need. In order to provide a sustainable solution, Katie's Krops continues to fund the gardens of ongoing growers year after year, and since its inception their garden renewal rate has been an incredible 80%! In 2016 Katie's Krops funded & supported over 100 Gardens growing in 32 states, and a number of them have been growing for six years. Our goal is to empower youth to inspire change by bringing communities together to help those in need, and our young growers are making a major difference across the country through their involvement. In the 2017, Katie's Krops has over 100 youth-run gardens in 33 States. Katie's Krops Grower Education: We also provide initial and ongoing educational support for young growers to ensure that they have the knowledge, tools, and resources to grow successful and environmentally responsible gardens. Growers learn about agriculture, nutrition, how to manage a budget, responsibility, and communication just to name a few life skills developed by our young growers. Each Katie’s Krops grower receives: • A Growing Manual written specifically for Katie's Krops growers, which provides the best information on how to start and maintain their gardens, food safety, and photography. • Support from our Master Gardener and team. • Access to our Private Grower Website to document their harvest, volunteer hours, and post pictures & a Private Message Board to connect with fellow growers across the country to share valuable information, and learn from one and other. • Growers are eligible to attend an all-expense paid Garden Planning Workshop. • Growers are eligible to attend the all expense paid Katie's Krops Camp to expand their knowledge of agriculture. The camp, hosted by sponsor WP Rawl, is an immersive growing experience for young growers to come together, learn new and creative growing techniques, host a service project, create lasting friendships with fellow growers, and receive valuable information on food safety. • Growers are eligible to win Scholarships for their Higher Education. Katie's Krops Garden to Table Dinners: In 2016 we celebrated the 6 year anniversary of Katie's Krops Garden to Table Dinners, which are healthy meals provided monthly for individuals and families in need in Charleston, SC Tri County area. The dinners were the result of the only full-time soup kitchen closing down in the Summerville community. In order to address the need for healthy meals for individuals in need Katie, at the age of 12, created the garden to table meals. The dinners are prepared and served by our youth volunteers under the direction of a Head Chef. In 2016, the Katie's Krops Crew volunteered 629 hours preparing and serving 2347 total meals. Every meal is prepared with vegetables harvested from our gardens on the day we serve them, at the peak of nutrition. Every volunteer who assists with the dinners also spends time in the gardens helping grow the food we serve. The dinners also allow our young volunteers to meet, serve, and interact with the people who benefit directly from their efforts. Founder: Katie Stagliano is the 18 year old founder and chief executive gardener of Katie's Krops from Summerville, SC. The idea for Katie’s Krops began when Katie was in the 3rd grade and grew a 40 pound cabbage in her backyard. Katie donated the cabbage to a local soup kitchen where it fed 275 guests, and moved by the experience she founded Katie's Krops in 2010. She has won several awards over the years including being named one of America’s Top Ten Youth Volunteers for 2014 in the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, and in 2012 became the youngest recipient ever of the Clinton Global Citizen Award for Leadership in Civil Society. She recentl
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